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2020 Fall PHYS Symposia Virtual Zoom Links

Many of the PHYS symposia are holding live Zoom sessions in addition to their ACS Broadcast and On-demand talks. Anyone is welcome to attend. Not all follow the same format.

  1. Surface-Enhanced Spectroscopy: From Fundamentals to the Market Place
    Jon Camden:
    Amanda J Haes:
    Zoom Link; Program
  2. Molecular-scale photoinduced driving forces for energy conversion

    Naomi S. Ginsberg:
    Shane Ardo:

  3. Single-molecule microscopy of molecular search processes: from fundamental biophysics inquiry, to pharmaceutical applications

    Sabrina Leslie:
    Nislow, Corey:
    Program & Zoom Link

  4. Advances in Nonlinear Optics at Interfaces

    Alexander V Benderskii:
    Yi Rao:
    Postponed to 2021

  5. Spectroscopy for Understanding Catalysis

    Josh Vura-Weis:
    Randall Goldsmith:
    Program & Zoom Link

  6. Biophysical Chemistry in Complex Environments: Convergent studies of biomolecular structure and dynamics

    Baiz, Carlos R:
    Garcia, Angel Enrique:
    Program & Zoom Link

  7. Addressing Chemical Complexity with Nonlinear Optical Microscopy

    Tessa R. Calhoun:
    Martin Fischer:
    Program & Zoom Link

  8. Molecular Excitation Induced Dynamics in Chemical and Biological Systems -- A Symposium Celebrating the Scientific Achievements of C. Bradley Moore

    Michael Berman:
    Linda young:
    Hai-Lung Dai:
    Program & Zoom Link

  9. Atomistic Characterization of Electrochemical Interfaces

    Jesse G. McDaniel:
    Yue Qi:
    Oleg Borodin:
    Official ACS programming only

  10. Structure, self-assembly and transport in ionic systems

    Dmitry Bedrov:
    Paschalis Alexandridis:
    Program & Zoom Link