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PHYS Division Archives

This page provides links to current and historical information relevant to Division governance and other activities. Note that some material is intended only for current PHYS officers or other members of the executive committee and thus may be password protected. If you have suggestions for additional information to include, please contact us at:

Division Bylaws

Current PHYS bylaws (PDF) as of 3 June 2014.

PHYS Award Winners

The PHYS Division annually selects four major award winners: a senior and an early-career honoree in each of theoretical and experimental physical chemistry.

Experimental Physical Chemistry
2019 Gilad Haran, Weizmann Institute of Science
2018 Arthur G. Suits, University of Missouri
2017 Kit Bowen, Johns Hopkins University
2016 Scott Anderson, University of Utah
2015 Mitchio Okumura, California Institute of Technology
2014 Vartkess A. Apkarian, University of California, Irvine
2013 Dana D. Dlott, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
2012 Robert Continetti, University of California at San Diego
2011 Michael Duncan, University of Georgia
Experimental Physical Chemistry, Early Career
2019 Haitao Liu, University of Pittsburgh
2018 Emily A. Weiss, Northwestern University
2017 Wei Min, Columbia University
2016 Christy Landes, Rice University
2015 Christopher Jaroniec, Ohio State University
2014 Peng Chen, Cornell University
2013 Liberato Manna, Italian Institute of Technology
Theoretical Chemistry
2019 Laura Gagliardi, Univ. of Minnesota
2018 Arthur F. Voter, Los Alamos National Laboratory
2017 David Reichman, Columbia University
2016 Dave Thirumalai, University of Maryland
2015 Horia Metiu, University of California, Santa Barbara
2014 Douglas Tobias, University of California, Irvine
2013 Gregory A. Voth, University of Chicago
2012 Anna I. Krylov, University of Southern California
2011 James Skinner, University of Wisconsin
2010 Kenneth Jordan, University of Pittsburgh
2009 Peter Rossky, University of Texas
Theoretical Chemistry, Early Career
2019 Frank Noe, Freie Universitaet Berlin
2018 Clemence Corminboeuf, Ecole Polytechnique Federale De Lausanne
2017 Lasse Jensen, Penn State University
2016 Francesco Paesani, University of California, San Diego
2015 Thomas F. Miller, California Institute of Technology
2014 Filipp U. Furche, University of California, Irvine
2013 Alán Asupru-Guzik, Harvard University

JPC/PHYS Lectureship Winners

The Journal of Physical Chemistry and PHYS Division annually select recipients of prestigious lectureships associated with the three major sections of the Journal.

2019 Artur Izmaylov
University of Toronto
Heather J. Kulik
Wei Xiong
2018 Etienne Garand
University of Wisconsin
Jahan Dawlaty
University of Southern California
Renee R. Frontiera
University of Minnesota
2017 Benjamin Levine
Michigan State University
Zahra Fakhraai
University of Pennsylvania
Randall Goldsmith
University of Wisconsin
2016 Wen Li
Wayne State University
Julie Biteen
University of Michigan
J.R. Schmidt
University of Wisconsin
2015 Christine M. Aikens
Kansas State University
Joe Subotnik
University of Pennsylvania
Prashant K. Jain
University of Illinois
2014 Gary E. Douberly
University of Georgia
Munira Khalil
University of Washington
Stephan Hoffmann
University of Cambridge
2013 John Herbert
Ohio State University
David McCamant
University of Rochester
Sarbajit Banerjee
Texas A&M University

PHYS Calls for Papers

Calls for papers (in PDF format) for past PHYS symposia at ACS national meetings are available below. Note that lists of symposium topics can also be found in the Division newsletters linked above.

2019 Spring Fall
2018 Spring Fall
2017 Spring Fall
2016 Spring Fall
2015 Spring Fall
2014 Spring Fall
2013 Spring Fall
2012 Spring Fall
2011 Spring Fall
2010 Spring Fall
2009 Spring Fall
2008 Spring Fall
2007 --- Fall

PHYS Newsletters

As of spring 2012, Division newsletters have been discontinued in favor of website news updates and archives. Previous newsletters are available below:

2011 Spring Fall
2010 Spring Fall
2009 Spring Fall
2008 Spring Fall
2008 Spring Fall
2007 Spring Fall
2006 Spring Fall
2005 Spring Fall
2004 Spring Fall
2003 Spring Fall
2002 Spring Fall
2001 Spring Fall
2000 Spring Fall
1999 Spring Fall
1998 Spring Fall
1997 Spring Fall

Executive Committee Minutes (restricted)

Minutes from past executive committee meetings are available below. Access to these are limited to current members of the PHYS Executive Committee.

2017 Spring
2016 Spring Fall
2015 Spring Fall
2014 Spring Fall
2013 Spring Fall
2012 Spring Fall
2011 Spring Fall
2010 Spring Fall
2009 Spring Fall
2008 Spring Fall
2007 Spring Fall

Past Officers of the Division of Physical Chemistrya

aSee P. F. Barbara, J. Phys. Chem. 1996, 100, 12694-12700, for a superb summary of the history of the Division of Physical Chemistry.
bThe Division was known as The Division of Physical and Inorganic Chemistry prior to 1958.
cGeorge L. Clark, pro tem
dF. E. Brown, pro tem
eEugene P. Schoch, pro tem
fS. J. Bates, pro tem
gRichard C. Tolman, pro tem
Year Chair Secretary-Treasurer
2019 Michael Duncan
Qiang Cui
2018 Joan-Emma Shea
Qiang Cui
2017 Gregory S. Engel
T. Daniel Crawford
2016 Edwin L. Sibert
T. Daniel Crawford
2015 Nancy E. Levinger
T. Daniel Crawford
2014 Joel M. Bowman
T. Daniel Crawford
2013 Martin Gruebele
T. Daniel Crawford
2012 Sharon Hammes-Schiffer
T. Daniel Crawford
2011 Mark A. Johnson
Anne B. McCoy
2010 Martin Head-Gordon
Anne B. McCoy
2009 Laurie J. Butler
Anne B. McCoy
2008 Gregory A. Voth
Anne B. McCoy
2007 Bruce D. Kay
Anne B. McCoy
2006 Barbara J. Garrison
Kenneth D. Jordan
2005 David J. Nesbitt
Kenneth D. Jordan
2004 James L. Skinner
Kenneth D. Jordan
2003 John C. Hemminger
Kenneth D. Jordan
2002 Richard M. Stratt
Kenneth D. Jordan
2001 Daniel A. Neumark
Mark S. Gordon
2000 George C. Schatz
Mark S. Gordon
1999 Geraldine L. Richmond
Mark S. Gordon
1998 Ellen B. Stechel
Mark S. Gordon
1997 George W. Flynn
Mark S. Gordon
1996 Mark A. Ratner
Andrew E. DePristo
1995 Paul F. Barbara
Andrew E. DePristo
1994 John C. Tully
Andrew E. DePristo
1993 James J. Valenti
Andrew E. DePristo
1992 Henry F. Schaefer
Andrew E. DePristo
1991 D. J. Auerbach
Edward M. Eyring
1990 David Chandler
Edward M. Eyring
1989 Fleming F. Crim
Edward M. Eyring
1988 Thomas F. George
Edward M. Eyring
1987 Charles S. Parmenter
Edward M. Eyring
1986 Hans C. Anderson
Alvin L. Kwiram
1985 James L. Kinsey
Alvin L. Kwiram
1984 Ernest R. Davidson
Alvin L. Kwiram
1983 Charlotte E. Moore
Alvin L. Kwiram
1982 E. F. Hayes
Alvin L. Kwiram
1981 William H. Flygare
Alvin L. Kwiram
1980 William A. Lester
Alvin L. Kwiram
1979 Donald W. Setser
Alvin L. Kwiram
1978 Robert G. Parr
Alvin L. Kwiram
1977 W. E. Falconer
Alvin L. Kwiram
1976 B. Weinstock
Joseph J. Katz
1975 Sidney W. Benson
Joseph J. Katz
1974 F. Sherwood Rowland
Joseph J. Katz
1973 John Ross
Joseph J. Katz
1972 Peter Ewald Yankwich
Joseph J. Katz
1971 D. W. McCall
Joseph J. Katz
1970 Max Tofield Rogers
Joseph J. Katz
1969 B. Seymour Rabinovitch
Joseph J. Katz
1968 Walter J. Kauzmann
Joseph J. Katz
1967 Herbert S. Gutowsky
Joseph J. Katz
1966 Richard B. Bernstein
Max Tofield Rogers
1965 Rudolph A. Marcus
Max Tofield Rogers
1964 Paul C. Cross
Max Tofield Rogers
1963 Bryce L. Crawford, Jr.
Max Tofield Rogers
1962 Richard M. Noyes
Max Tofield Rogers
1961 Joseph O. Hirschfelder
Max Tofield Rogers
1960 Benjamin P. Dailey
Max Tofield Rogers
1959 Robert L. Burwell, Jr.
David C. Grahame
1958 D. P. Stevenson
David C. Grahame
1957b John E. Willard
David C. Grahame
1956 P. W. Selwood
David C. Grahame
1955 Frank T. Gucker
John E. Willard
1954 Joseph W. Kennedy
P. W. Selwood
1953 Frank A. Long
Frank T. Gucker
1952 Glenn T. Seaborg
Joseph W. Kennedy
1951 Milton Burton
Frank A. Long
1950 John C. Bailar, Jr.
Glenn T. Seaborg
1949 Martin Kilpatrick
Milton Burton
1948 Henry Eyring
John C. Bailar, Jr.
1947 Paul M. Gross
Martin Kilpatrick
1946 Thomas F. Young
Henry Eyring
1945 Thomas F. Young
Henry Eyring
1944 Oscar K. Rice
Paul M. Gross
1943 Ralph E. Gibson
Thomas F. Young
1942 W. Conard Fernelius
Oscar K. Rice
1941 John G. Kirkwood
Ralph E. Gibson
1940 G. Frederick Smith
W. Conard Fernelius
1939 George Scatchard
Harold C. Urey
1938 Harold Simmons Booth
G. Frederick Smith
1937 Herrick L. Johnston
George Scatchard
1936 John Warren Williams
Harold Simmons Booth
1935 Nathaniel H. Furman
Herrick L. Johnston
1934 Donald H. Andrews
John Warren Williams
1933 W. Albert Noyes, Jr.
Nathaniel H. Furman
1932 Hobart H. Willard
Donald H. Andrews
1931 Farrington Daniels
W. Albert Noyes, Jr.
1930 Ward V. Evans
Hobart H. Willard
1929 Victor K. LaMer
Farrington Daniels
1928 George L. Clark
Ward V. Evans
1927 George S. Forbesc
Victor K. LaMer
1926 Harry B. Weiser
George L. Clarkd
1925 Arthur E. Hill
George S. Forbes
1924 Graham Edgar
Harry B. Weiser
1923 R. E. Wilson
Graham Edgar
1922 Samuel E. Sheppard
R. E. Wilson
1921 Harry N. Holmes
Samuel E. Sheppard
1920 William D. Harkins
Harry N. Holmes
1919 William E. Henderson
Walter A. Patrick
1918 S. Lawrence Bigelow
William E. Henderson
1917 H. P. Talbot
E. B. Millard
1916 Irving Langmuir
James Kendall
1915 George A. Hulette
Herbert N. McCoyf
1914 George A. Hulett
Herbert N. McCoy
1913 S. Lawrence Bigelow
R. C. Wells
1912 W. Lash Miller
R. C. Wells
1911 H. P. Talbot
S. Lawrence Bigelowg
1910 Edward C. Franklin
S. Lawrence Bigelow
1909 Charles H. Herty
Wilder D. Bancroft