Physical Chemistry Experimental and Theory Graduate Student Award Virtual Symposium
September 29, 2023
3 PM EDT / 2PM CST / 12pm PST

Rachelle Austin, Colorado State University
“Hot Carrier Extraction in Atomically-Thin Semiconductor Photoelectrodes”
(Advisor: Justin Sambur, Co-advisor: Amber Krummel)

Cheng-Han Li, Texas A&M University
“Fast-tracking Organic Materials Discovery via Multiscale Modeling and Inverse Design Strategies“
(Advisor: Daniel Tabor)

Danielle Cadena, University of Texas at Austin
“Designing Nanocrystal Donor: Molecular Acceptor Interfaces for Improved Charge and Energy Transfer”
(Advisor: Sean Roberts)

Ernest Opoku, Auburn University
“A New Generation of Electron Propagator Methods for Calculations on Electron Binding Energies”
(Advisor: Vincent Ortiz)

Kuanliang Shao, University of California Riverside
“Decoding Pyrolysis: From Molecular Insights to Global Public Health concerns”
(Advisor: Jingsong Zhang)

Jiahua Deng, Boston University
“Analysis of the Regulatory Mechanism of Protein Functions with Advanced Computations”
(Advisor: Qiang Cui)

Zimo Yang, University of California San Diego
“Study of Molecular Vibrational Polaritons with 2DIR Spectroscopy”
(Advisor: Wei Xiong)

Melisa Alkan, Iowa State University
“LibERI: a portable, performant, multi-node, multi-GPU library for molecular
integrals evaluation via OpenMP programming model”
(Advisor: Mark Gordon)

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