Christy Landes
Christy LandesChair
Kenneth S. Pitzer-Schlumberger Chair, Professor of Chemistry, Electrical & Computer Engineering, and Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, Rice University
Laura Gagliardi
Laura GagliardiChair-Elect
Richard and Kathy Leventhal Professor Department of Chemistry, Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering, James Franck Institute, Univ. of Chicago
Julie Biteen
Julie BiteenVice-Chair
Professor of Chemistry and of Biophysics, Associate Chair of Graduate Education, Chemistry Department, University of Michigan.
Francesco Paesani
Francesco PaesaniVice-Chair-Elect
Professor, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Halicioğlu Data Science Institute, San Diego Supercomputer Center, University of California, San Diego
Amber Krummel
Amber KrummelSecretary/Treasurer
Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry, Colorado State University
C. David Sherrill
C. David SherrillPast Chair
Regents’ Professor, School of Chemistry and Biochemistry, School of Computational Science and Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology

Executive Committee Members At-Large:

Jier Huang (2022-2024), Marquette University
Lyudmila Slipchenko (2022-2024),
Purdue University
Gabriela Schlau-Cohen (2021-2023), MIT

Emily Weiss (2021-2023), Northwestern
Marco Caricato (2023-2025), University of Kansas
David Osborn (2023-2025), University of California


Heather Kulik (2023-2025), MIT
Benjamin J. Schwartz (2022-2024), UCLA

Theresa L. Windus (2021-2023), Iowa State University
Scott Reid (2021-2023), Marquette University

Alternate Councilors:

Jahan Dawlaty (2023-2025), University of Southern California
Olaseni Sode (2023-2025), California State University, Los Angeles
Caroline Jarrold (2023-2024), Indiana University, Bloomington

Joel D. Eaves (2022-2024), U. Colorado – Boulder
Bern Kohler (2020-2022), Ohio State University

Astrochemistry Subdivision:

Chair: Heather Abbott-Lyon, Kennesaw State University Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry
(470) 578-6140.

Chair-Elect: Kyle N. Crabtree, University of California – Davis
(530) 752-6024.

Vice-Chair: Chris Bennett, UCF Department of Physics
(808) 358-1826.

Past-Chair: Partha Bera, NASA Ames Research Center
(650) 604-2028.

Secretary: David E. Woon, Univ. of Illinois Department of Chemistry
(217) 333-5071.

Biophysical Subdivision:

Chair: Carlos Baiz
Department of Chemistry
University of Texas-Austin

Chair-Elect: Galia Debelouchina
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
UC-San Diego

Vice-Chair: Lydia Kisley
Case Western

Past-Chair: Renee Frontiera
Department of Chemistry
University of Minnesota
(612) 624-2501

Energy Subdivision:

Chair: Ben Levine
Department of Chemistry
Stony Brook

Chair-Elect: Sean Roberts

Vice-Chair: Sahar Sharifzadeh
Boston University
(617) 358-4769

Past-Chair: Jier Huang
Department of Chemistry
Marquette Univ.
(414) 288-3537

Experiment Subdivision:

Chair: Daniel Kuroda
College of Science

Chair-Elect: Cathy Wong
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
University of Oregon

Vice-Chair: Luis Velarde
Department of Chemistry
University at Buffalo – SUNY
(716) 645-4243

Past Chair: Jennifer Shumaker-Parry
Department of Chemistry
University of Utah
(801) 585-1434

Theory Subdivision:

Chair: Christine Isborn, University of Cal. Merced Department of Chemistry & Biochem
(209) 228-4693.

Chair-Elect: David Prendergast, LBL
(510) 486-4948.

Vice-Chair: Sapna Sarupria, Department of Chemistry, University of Minnesota

Past-Chair: Chris Mundy, PNNL – Physical Science Division

Secretary: Josh Schrier, Fordham University
(718) 817-4453.

Election results are available to PHYS members from the secretary/treasurer upon request.