Physical Chemistry Experimental and
Theory Graduate Student Award Symposium
3 PM EDT, September 16, 2022

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Sohang Kundu, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
“Path integral studies of excitation energy transfer in photosynthetic and synthetic molecular aggregates”

Andrew Latham, MIT
“Unified protein force field reveals features of heterochromatin structure“

Sumit Sinha, University of Texas at Austin
“Role of self-generated active forces (SGAF) in growing cell collectives”

Zhen (Coraline) Tao, Yale University
“Nuclear-electronic orbital density functional theory for quantizing protons“

Stephanie Hart, MIT
“Programming exciton dynamics with synthetic DNA scaffolds”

Leigh Anna Hunt, University of Mississippi
“Photoinduced electron transfer dynamics in dye-sensitized solar cells”

Yuting Luo, Texas A&M University
“Cation insertion in vanadium oxide: insertion mechanisms, intercalation-
induced phase transformations, and electrochemistry-mechanics-particle-
geometry coupling”

Ethan Perets, Yale University
“Chiral architectures of biomolecular hydration shells”

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