National ACS Awards Co-sponsored by the Division of Physical Chemistry:

Bright Wilson Award in Spectroscopy

Currently sponsored by the E. Bright Wilson endowment every-other-year and by PHYS in the alternate years. 

Nominations handled by the ACS.  Deadline is typically November 1st

The ACS Award in Theoretical Chemistry 

The PHYS Division can no longer afford to sponsor this award as a National ACS Award. However, $25,000 has been raised to fund this award through the PHYS division for nominations accepted in 2022, 2023, and 2024. Please see this website for nomination information.

If you would like to donate or organize a fundraising campaign for this award, please contact Amber Krummel

Irving Langmuir Award in Chemical Physics

Sponsored by the Journal of Chemical Physics and the ACS Division of Physical Chemistry until 2026. 

Nomination Website

If you would like to donate or sponsor this award, please contact:


Self-nominations will not be accepted.
Note that nominations from previous years do not carry over.