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Venue: Moscone Center
747 Howard St, San Francisco, CA 94103

The Division of Physical Chemistry (PHYS) is hosting the following ten oral symposia, consisting of both invited and contributed papers, as well as a general poster session.


Chemical Bonding Theory – Perspectives from Valence Bond (VB) Related Theories

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Thom H. Dunning, University of Washington, thdjr@uw.edu
John M. Galbraith, Marist College, John.Galbraith@marist.edu
Yirong Mo, University of North Carolina, Greenville, Y_mo3@uncg.edu

Marine Aerosols in the Atmosphere and Their Impacts

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Tim Bertram, University of Wisconsin-Madison, tbertram@chem.wisc.edu
Vicki Grassian, University of California, San Diego, vhgrassian@ucsd.edu
Christopher Lee, University of California, San Diego, leechris@ucsd.edu
Kimberly A. Prather, University of California, San Diego, kprather@ucsd.edu

Chemistry and Properties of Two-Dimensional Materials

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Sarah B. King, University of Chicago, sbking@uchicago.edu
Thomas Kempa, John Hopkins University, tkempa@jhu.edu
Archana Raja, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, araja@lbl.gov

Optical Spectroscopy and Microscopy Across Biological Scales

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Gabriela Schlau-Cohen, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, gssc@mit.edu
Lu Wei, California Institute of Technology, lwei@caltech.edu

Quantum Computing for Tackling Challenges in Quantum Chemistry

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Bert de Jong, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, wadejong@lbl.gov
Rosa Di Felice, University of Southern California, difelice@usc.edu
Travis S. Humble, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, humblets@ornl.gov
Ieva Liepuoniute, IBM Almaden, ieva@ibm.com
Ivano Tavnerelli, IBM Zurich, ita@zurich.ibm.com
Minh Tran, IBM Cambridge, minhtran@ibm.com
James D. Whitfield, Dartmouth University, james.d.whitfield@dartmouth.edu

Data-Driven Design of Energy Materials

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Jerome Delhommelle, University of Massachusetts, Lowell, Jerome_Delhommelle@uml.edu
Mingda Li, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, mingda@mit.edu
Fang Liu, Emory University, fang.liu@emory.edu

The Astrochemistry Subdivision: A Decade of Progress and Prospects for the Next Decade

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Olivia H. Wilkins, NASA, olivia.h.wilkins@nasa.gov
David W. Woon, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, davidewoon@gmail.com

Intersections of Climate, Urban Living, and Chemistry

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Steven S. Brown, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, steven.s.brown@noaa.gov
Ron C. Cohen, University of California, Berkeley, rccohen@berkeley.edu

NMR and MRI for Materials Characterization

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Leah B. Casabianca, Clemson University, lcasabi@clemson.edu
Yan-Yan Hu, Florida State University, yhu@fsu.edu
Louis A. Madsen, Virginia Tech, lmadsen@vt.edu
Aaron J. Rossini, Iowa State University, arossini@iastate.edu
Kay Saalwächter, Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg, kay.saalwaechter@physik.uni-halle.de

Symposium in Honor of Marsha I. Lester

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Nathanael M. Kidwell, College of William and Mary, nmkidwell@wm.edu
Stephen J. Klippenstein, Argonne National Laboratory, sjk@anl.gov
Julia Lehman, University of Birmingham, j.lehman@bham.ac.uk
Anne B. McCoy, University of Washington, abmccoy@uw.edu

Young Investigator Research Awards

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Physical Chemistry Poster Session 

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Award Symposium 

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Prof. Laura Gagliardi, Program Chair, lgagliardi@uchicago.edu

Department of Chemistry and Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering, The University of Chicago

5735 S. Ellis Ave, Chicago, IL 60637