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Organizers: David N. Beratan, Graham R. Fleming, Nancy Makri, Michael Therien, Michael R. Wasielewski 

Location: Virtual Zoom Rooms Only (VZR)

Symposia Schedule


Biosystems:  VZR-42

Graham R. Fleming, Presiding

10:30. Controlling exciton transport using synthetic DNA scaffolds.  G. Schlau-Cohen

10:50. Controlling the pathways for protons and electrons.
S. Hammes-Schiffer

11:10. Engineering bio-inspired quantum coherence.
E. Romero, V. Maffeis, S. Shareef, M. Curti, A. Morillo Candas, S. Chatterjee, D. Bäuerle

11:30. Coherence and charge separation in photosynthetic reaction centers.  J.P. Ogilvie, V. Policht, R. Willow, T. Mančal

11:50. Investigating the effect of redox conditions on quantum beats in 2D electronic spectra of the FMO complex.  M.A. Allodi, J.S. Higgins, L.T. Lloyd, J.P. Otto, S.H. Sohail, R.G. Saer,
R.E. Wood, S.C. Massey, P. Ting, G.S. Engel

12:10. Exciton transport in the chlorosome from the perspective of mixed quantum-classical dynamics.  A. Kelly


Foundational Issues: VZR-41

Nancy Makri, Presiding

2:00. Chemistry for the second quantum revolution.
D. Laorenza, M. Wojnar, S. Bayliss, M. Fataftah, B. Diller,
P. Mintun, D. Awschalom, D.E. Freedman

2:20. Modeling spectroscopic coherence dynamics through classical mechanics.  K. Polley, R.F. Loring

2:40. Efficient condensed phase 2D electronic spectroscopy harnessing quantum dynamics and machine learning.
M.S. Chen, T.J. Zuehlsdorff, A. Montoya Castillo, T. Morawietz, C. Isborn, T. Markland

3:00. Quantum rotational coherences in complex media.
T. Seideman, B. Ashwell

3:20. Vibronic coupling drives ultrafast singlet fission in a linear terrylenediimide dimer.  J.D. Schultz, J. Shin, M. Chen, J.P. O’Conner, R. Young, M.A. Ratner, M.R. Wasielewski

3:40. Interferometric spectroscopy: Steering and detection of quantum coherent pathways out of time ordering.
S. Asban, S. Mukamel


Polaritons, Transport, & Light: VZR-43

Michael R. Wasilewski Presiding

4:30. Predicting strongly correlated light-quantum matter interactions.  P. Narang

4:50. Polariton chemistry: from thermally-activated to condensate-driven reactions.  J. Yuen Zhou

5:10. Coherent-incoherent transport with the Buttiker’s probe method: Applications to biomolecules.  D. Segal

5:30. Excitation energy transfer dynamics from real-time path integral calculations.  S. Kundu, N. Makri

5:50. Spin-based quantum sensing with organic semiconductors.
C. Boehme

6:10. Time-resolved spectroscopy and microscopy of organic macromolecular materials for solar and display applications.
T.G. Goodson


Vibronic Coherence & Ratcheting: VZR-43

Michael Therien, Presiding

10:30. Measuring coherent vibronic couplings and dynamics with two-dimensional vibronic spectroscopy.
M.H. Khalil

10:50. Leveraging vibronic coherence for synthetic control of excited-state dynamics.  J.K. McCusker

11:10. Vibrations as quantum ratchets in excitation transport.
P. Bhattacharyya, G.R. Fleming

11:30. Spatial propagation of excitonic coherence to enable ratcheted charge transfer.  Z.X. Widel, R. Liu, J.P. Mansergh, J. Valdiviezo, P. Zhang, D.N. Beratan, M.J. Therien

11:50. Vibronic quantum coherence at ultralow temperatures in photosynthetic protein complexes.  H. Duan, A. Jha, L. Chen, V. Tiwari, R. Cogdell, K. Ashraf, V. Prokhorenko, M. Thorwart, R. Miller

12:10. Quantum coherence in electron transfer to multiple equivalent electron acceptors.  K. Liu, L. Bancroft, R. Young, M.R. Wasielewski, P. Zhang, D.N. Beratan


Foundational Issues: VZR-42

David N. Beratan, Presiding

2:00. Quantum coherence in chemistry: Tackling the decoherence challenge.  I. Franco

2:15. Coherence and decoherence from uncoupled classical trajectories.  J.E. Runeson, J.O. Richardson

2:30. Exploiting electronic coherences for steering selective bond formation in molecules.  F. Remacle

2:45. Incorporating quantum decoherence into Ehrenfest: Solution to multistate dynamics.  F. Liang, B.G. Levine,
M. Esch

3:00. Electronic coherence in the density of an atto-pumped quantum state.  K. Komarova

3:15. Spectroscopic analysis of vibronic relaxation pathways in molecular spin qubit [Ho(W5O18)2]9−: sparse spectra are key.  A. Blockmon, A. Ullah, K. Hughey, Y. Duan, K. O’Neal, M. Ozerov, J. Baldovi, J. Arago March, A. Daita-Arino,
E. Coronado, J. Musfeldt

3:30. Conserved vibrational coherence in light induced processes of dinuclear platinum(II) complexes and its implications.  P. Kim,  A.J. Valentine, S. Roy,
F.N. Castellano, X. Li, L.X. Chen


Complex Systems: VZR-37

David N. Beratan, Presiding

4:30. Elucidation of ultrafast photophysics in carbon nanotube exciton-polaritons using two-dimensional white-light spectroscopy.  M. Son, R. Allen, A. Dhavamani, M. Arnold,
M.T. Zanni

4:45. Extreme parametric sensitivity in the steady-state photoisomerization of two-dimensional model rhodopsin.
C. Chuang, P.W. Brumer

5:00. Probing quantum spin coherence in adsorbed molecules with shallow NV centers in diamond.  J.M. Abendroth, K. Herb, C.L. Degen

5:15. Charge transport through redox-active oligo-triarylamine molecular junctions.  N. Rotthowe, M.S. Inkpen

5:30. Synthetic control of excited state energy transfer in cofacial porphyrin dimers.  P.P. Roy, S. Yang, P. Bhattacharyya,
J. Valdiviezo, M.J. Therien, D.N. Beratan, G.R. Fleming

5:45. Trap-mediated energy transfer via vibronic resonance.
S. Patra, A. Sahu, V. Tiwari

6:00. Designed molecular aggregates with controllable long-range coherence.  J.R. Caram

6:15. Getting f-electrons to communicate: Strongly coupled multi-lanthanide platforms for qubit and SMM applications.  M. Nippe


Spectroscopic Probes:  VZR-38

Zhang, Presiding

7:00. Localized core-exciton dynamics in NaCl measured by tabletop attosecond four-wave mixing spectroscopy.  J.D. Gaynor, A.P. Fidler, Y. Lin, H. Chang, M. Zuerch, D.M. Neumark, S.R. Leone

7:15. Electronic nonlinear spectroscopy: A novel quantum-classical approach.  J. Mannouch, J.O. Richardson

7:30. Entangled photon spectroscopy of molecules.  S.K. Cushing

7:45. Controlling molecular properties with photonic coherence through cavity polariton formation.  A. Rury

8:00. Vibrational wavepacket signals reveal ultrafast structural relaxation dynamics in copper(I)-based transition metal complexes.  B.T. Phelan, P. Kim, Z. Xie, K.L. Mulfort, L.X. Chen

8:15. Decoherence of molecular electron spin qubits in disordered solid matrices.  S.M. Jahn, E.R. Canarie, S. Stoll

8:30. Ionic liquid self-assembled monolayer on α-RuCl3.
T. Schutt, A. Koval, W. Nelson, G. Kosgei

8:45. Spectroscopic signatures of coherent plasmon-induced charge separation in gold nanorods on metal-oxide semiconductors.  S.A. Lee, B. Ostovar, S. Link