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Organizers: Alex V. Benderskii, Yi Rao

Location: Georgia World Congress Center: B312-B313a / Virtual

Symposia Schedule:


MoF. Geiger, Y. Liu, H. Lu, & E.C. Yan, Presiding

8:00 Introductory Remarks.

8:20. Liquid and reaction dynamics in nanoporous silica probed with
infrared experiments. M.D. Fayer

9:00. Single-molecule interfacial electron transfer dynamics. H. Lu

9:40. Vibrational sum frequency generation spectroscopy of clay
nanoscrolls. A.E. Vaughn, A. Montenegro, S. Falcon, M. Mammetkuliyev,
B.C. Melot, A.V. Benderskii


10:30. Probing complex interfaces. R.J. Saykally

11:10. Chiral sum frequency generation spectroscopy shows mirror-
image β-sheet proteins organize water molecules into supermolecular
structures of opposite chirality.
E.A. Perets, D. Konstantinovsky, S. Hammes-Schiffer, E.C. Yan

11:50. Two-Dimensional electronic sum frequency generation
ESFG) and electronic second harmonic generation (2D-ESHG)
spectroscopies for studies of interfaces and surfaces.

Y. Rao, G. Deng, Y. Qian


F. Geiger, Y. Liu, H. Lu, & E.C. Yan, Presiding

2:00. Molecular adsorption and transport at living cell membranes by
second harmonic light scattering and
microscopy. H. Dai

2:40. Hydrogen-bond induced molecular chirality at
surfaces/interfaces with nonlinear vibrational spectroscopy. H. Wang

3:20. Measuring the free energy orienting potential of water
molecules at a graphene electrode. A.V. Benderskii

E. Borguet, B. Doughty, M. Subir, A. Benderskii, Presiding

4:30. Water at electrified graphene interfaces: Structure,
dynamics, and spectroscopy. J.T. Hynes, D. Laage,
G. Stirnemann, H. de Aguiar, Y. Zhang

5:10. The Eisenthal chi(3) method, in phase and amplitude
space. F. Geiger

5:50. Aqueous ions regulate self assembly of oligomers at
liquid/liquid interfaces. L. Lin, Z. Liu, A.U. Chowdhury, Y.
Ma, R.L. Sacci, J. Katsaras, K. Hong, C.P. Collier, J.Y.
Carrillo,B. Doughty

SUNDAY EVENING: Virtual Zoom Room 04

H. Bian, Presiding

7:00 Networking.

7:20. Lattice vibrations at charged oxide water interface probed
by sum-frequency spectroscopy. W. Liu

8:00. Ion clustering at the air/aqueous solution interface probed
with sum frequency generation vibrational spectroscopy.
H. Bian

8:40. Light-triggered active air-water interfaces through E/Z
photoisomerization reactions of arylazopyrazole surfactants.
C. Honnigfort, M. Schnurbus, D. Glikman, B. Braunschweig


J. M. Gibbs, L. H. Haber, S. T. Roberts, Presiding

8:00 Networking.

8:40. The mechanism behind the entangled photon and heralding in
cascade emitters. K. Nasiri Avanaki, G.C. Schatz

9:00. The role of femtosecond pulsed lase induced atomic redistribution
in bimetallic Au-Pd nanorods on optoelectronic and catalytic properties.
M. Nazemi, M.A. El-Sayed

9:20. Electric field-induced second harmonic generation at the air-water
interface. K.K. Ray, A. Saha, K. Ng, H.C. Allen

9:40. Sub-diffraction limit linear absorption spectroscopy by AFM
photothermal detection in the time domain.
M. Bohlmann Kunz, M.T. Zanni


E. Borguet, B. Doughty, M. Subir, A. Benderskii, Presiding

10:30. Interfaces in shock compression via hypersonic impacts.
D.D. Dlott

11:10. The water surface: Hydroxide, hydronium, thiocyanate, and iron
ions resistively reorganize in response to applied electric fields.
H.C. Allen, K. Ray, K. Ng, A. Saha

11:50. Local CO behavior on polycrystalline Pt electrode surface using
compressive sensing sum frequency generation microscopy (CS-SFGM)
combined with electrochemistry. S. Baldelli, H. Li


E. Borguet, B. Doughty, M. Subir,
A. Benderskii, Presiding

2:00. Second harmonic generation investigation of organic
contaminants at colloidal and planar interfaces. M. Subir
2:40. Understanding the mechanisms of solvent extraction
at liquid/liquid interfaces with sum frequency generation.
B. Doughty, A.U. Chowdhury, Y. Ma, U.I. Premadasa,
L. Lin
3:20. Thin films, aqueous-air, and nanoparticle interfaces.
M.J. Shultz, P. Bisson, J. Marmolejos, E. Gubbins,
R. Davies


4:30. Surface carrier dynamics of anatase TiO 2 probed by
ultrafast XUV spectroscopy: Understanding the role of O
vacancy defects. E. Hruska, L. Baker

4:50. Second harmonic generation for probing domains in
living membranes. M. Blake, T.R. Calhoun

MONDAY EVENING: Virtual Zoom Room 06

W. Zhang, Presiding

7:00 Networking.

7:20. Nucleation, growth, and dissociation of methane
clathrate at the gas/water interface. C. Tian

8:00. Permeability of lipid bilayers on the surface of
vesicles of different sizes studied with angle resolved
second harmonic generation. W. Gan, B. Xu

8:40. Toward vibrational tomography of citrate on
dynamically changing individual silver nanoparticles.
T. Ahuja, K. Chaudhari, G. Paramasivam, G. Ragupathy,
J.S. Mohanty, T. Pradeep


A. N. Tarnovsky, L. A. Velarde, Y. Rao, Presiding

8:00 Networking.

8:20. The comparison of the sub-200 fs gas- and liquid-phase
photochemical dynamics from dispersed continuum-probe ultrafast
transient absorption experiments. A.N. Tarnovsky

9:00. Intermolecular interactions, partitioning, and preferential
solvation at the mineral-liquid interface. L.A. Velarde, T.T. Bui, B. Breeman, M. Rajapakse

9:40. Probing the gold/water interface with surface specific
spectroscopy. S. Piontek, D. Naujoks, M. DelloStritto, M. Jaugstetter, M. Corva, S. Ghosh, A. Ludwig, D. Marx, K. Tschulik, M.L. Klein,
P. Petersen


10:30. In situ nonlinear spectroscopic probe of charge carrier dynamics
and molecular catalysts at semiconductor photoelectrode liquid
interface. T. Lian

11:10. Designing nanoscale Interfaces for summing & splitting photons.
D.E. Cotton, B.R. Pollok, J. Strain, E. Raulerson, T. Huang, T.T. Koh,
J. Schwan, T. Tran, P. Xia, K. Wang, L. Mangolini, M.L. Tang, M.J. Rose,
S.T. Roberts

11:50. Probing the vibrational density of states at aqueous interfaces.
E. Borguet


A. N. Tarnovsky, L. A. Velarde, Y. Rao, Presiding

2:00. Separating the interfacial structure of water at the silica
surface and in the diffuse layer with nonlinear optical
spectroscopy. J.M. Gibbs, B. Rehl, S. Parshotam

2:40. Structural DNA nanotechnology and rational control of
self-assembly. Y. Liu

3:20. The organization of complex anions at aqueous
interfaces: Sum frequency generation spectroscopy and
synchrotron X-ray scattering studies. R.R. Kumal, S. Nayak,
W. Bu, A. Uysal

3:40. Developing electronic sum-frequency generation to
study the interfacial density of states of organic thin films on
functionalized silicon surfaces. D. Cotton, B.R. Pollok,
J. Strain, M.J. Rose, S.T. Roberts

TUESDAY EVENING: Virtual Zoom Room 02

W. Gan, Presiding

7:00. Time resolved microscopy: Live cell and crowded systems.
K. Bhattacharyya

7:40. Alkoxylation reaction of alcohol molecules on silica surfaces
and the hydrophobicity of alkoxy/silica surfaces. Z. Ren

8:20. PSF assisted image restoration of multiphoton fluorescence
imaging. W. Zhang

WEDNESDAY EVENING: Virtual Zoom Room 17

L.H. Haber, Presiding

7:00. Isomerization at solid/liquid interfaces: A case for chemistry in
R.A. Walker

7:40. Molecular fingerprints of hydrophobicity at aqueous interfaces from
theory and vibrational spectroscopies (SFG and THz-IR).
M.P. Gaigeot

8:20. Heterodyne-detected sum frequency generation spectroscopy of
isotopically-diluted water/vapor interfaces.
S. Yamaguchi

THURSDAY EVENING: Virtual Zoom Room 02

J. M. Gibbs, L. H. Haber, S. T. Roberts, Presiding

7:00. Angular dependent second harmonic generation spectroscopy
studies of quantum material thin film heterostructures. L.H. Haber,
M. Dehghani, K. Zhao, J. Taylor

7:40. New approach for accurate phase determination in heterodyned
broadband sum-frequency generation spectroscopy. P.B. Petersen

8:20. Gypsum dissolution mechanisms and their environmental
consequences. G. Yiyen, R.A. Walker