Congratulations to the ACS Spring 2022 Poster Award Winners!

Adam J. Berges
Adam J. BergesUniv. of CA
Optimizing Composite Organic-Inorganic Photomechanical Actuators Through Interfacial Chemistry
Emily E. Brown
Emily E. BrownNC State Univ.
Visible Light Sensitized Para-Hydrogen Exchange Photochemistry
Shivalee Day
Shivalee DayUSC
Excited Electronic States of Phenol: A Combined Polarization Dependent 2PA and E-SFG Study
Octavia Florent
Octavia FlorentU. Penn.
Mechanistic Study of Polyarenes via Aziridination
Niklas Gross
Niklas GrossRice Univ.
Acoustic Mode Engineering of Gold Nanodisks through the Particle-Substrate Binding Strength
Ana-Teresa Mendoza
Ana-Teresa MendozaUC Irvine
Investigatng the Energy Storage Capabilities of Low-Dimensional Manganese(II) Sulfide Nanostructures as Sodium-ion Battery Anodes
Kai Schwennicke
Kai SchwennickeUC San Diego
Enantioselective Topological Frequency Conversion
Pablo Unzueta
Pablo UnzuetaUC Riverside
Machine Learning Methods for Reproducing Density functional Theory-based Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Chemical Shifts