The Physical Chemistry Division of the ACS is pleased to announce the winners of its 2020 Young Investigator Awards. The four winners, all of whom are currently postdoctoral associates, have been invited to speak about their research at the Fall 2020 national ACS meeting in San Francisco, CA in August.

Dr. Edoardo Baldini
Dr. Edoardo BaldiniPh.D: EPFL, Switzerland
Thesis: “Nonequilibrium Dynamics of Collective Excitations in Quantum Materials”
Ph.D Advisers: Profs. M. Chergui and F. Carbone
Current Position: Postdoctoral Fellow, Gedik group, MIT
Current Work: “Discovery and Ultrafast Manipulation of Unconventional Excitonic States in Quantum Materials”
Dr. J. Mark P. Martirez
Dr. J. Mark P. MartirezPh. D: Univ. Penn
Thesis: “Surface reconstructions of perovskite-type oxides: Their exotic structures and modified chemistry”
Ph.D Adviser: Prof. A. M. Rappe
Current Position: Assistant Project Scientist, Carter group, UCLA
Current Work: “Accurate simulation of photo- and electrochemical processes from divide-and-conquer schemes: plasmon-driven photocatalysis, electrochemical water splitting, and dye-sensitized photovoltaics”
Dr. Connor Bischak
Dr. Connor BischakPh.D: UC, Berkeley
Thesis: “Elucidating Heterogeneities and Dynamic Processes at the Nanoscale with Cathodoluminescence and Cathodoluminescence-Activated Microscopies”
Ph.D Adviser: Prof. N. Ginsberg
Current Position: Washington Research Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow, Ginger Group, University of Washington
Current Work: “Electrochemically-driven structural phase transitions in conjugated polymers”
Dr. Yinan Shu
Dr. Yinan ShuPh.D: Michigan State
Thesis: “Understanding Non-Radiative Recombination Processes of the Optoelectronic Materials from First Principles”
Ph.D Adviser: Prof. B. G. Levine
Current Position: Postdoctoral fellow, Truhlar group at U. Minnesota
Current Work: “Conservation of Angular Momentum in Direct Nonadiabatic Dynamics”