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PHYS Symposia at the Spring 2016 ACS National Meeting
in San Diego, Californiz

Program Chair: Prof. Greg Engel

The Physical Chemistry Division is pleased to sponsor the following symposia at the upcoming ACS National Meeting, March 13-17, in San Diego.

Physical Chemistry of Complex Environmental Interfaces

Organizers: Vicki H. Grassian and Gilbert M. Nathanson

Towards Predictive Calculations in Strongly Correlated Molecules & Materials

Organizers: Timothy C. Berkelbach and Eric Neuscamman

Physical Principles in Functional Nanoscience: Symposium in Honor of Mostafa A. El-Sayed

Organizers: Prashant K. Jain, Christy Landes, and Stephan Link

Frontiers in Solar Light Harvesting Processes

Organizers: Todd D. Krauss, Aditya Mohite, Oleg V. Prezhdo, and Sergei Tretiak

Electronic Structure & Dynamics of Metastable States

Organizers: Ksenia B. Bravaya and Kenneth D. Jordan

Electrochemistry at Solid/Liquid Interfaces

Organizers: Oleg Borodin and Yue Qi

Computer Simulations of Thermodynamics & Long-Time Kinetics of Molecular Events

Organizers: Ron Elber, Ronald M. Levy, Chung Wong, and Daniel M. Zuckerman

How Enzymes Work

Organizers: Hannah S. Shafaat and Stefan Stoll