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Fall 2015 PHYS Poster Awards

At each ACS national meeting, the Physical Chemistry Division recognizes the top student poster presentations. We offer our congratulations to the winners at the Fall 2015 meeting in Boston, who were recently announced by the program chair, Ned Sibert:

Whitney R. Hess
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
"Small PbS quantum dots as a hole transport layer in planar perovskite solar cells"
co-authors: A. Polizzotti, T. Buonassisi, and M.G. Bawendi

Daniel P. Tabor
University of Wisconsin-Madison "Vibrational spectroscopy of benzene-(water)n clusters with n=3-7"
Co-authors: R. Kusaka, P.S. Walsh, E.L. Sibert, T.S. Zwier

Brendan Mattingly
Boston University
"Surface TiO2 mediated catalysis: A potential target for greenhouse gas reduction"
Co-authors: B. Reinhard, and K. Bravaya

Nicole A. Ladd
Hope College
"Interrogating the role of xCT in neuroregeneration through laser ablation of zebrafish neurons"
Co-authors: A.P. Putzke, L. Chase, B.P. Krueger

Arjun K. Jaini
University of Richmond
"Quantum mechanical study of tautomeric triggers of Bergman cyclization"
Co-author: C.A. Parish

Zachary R. Kann
University of Wisconsin
"Scaled-ionic-charge simulation model that reproduces enhanced and suppressed water diffusion in aqueous salt solutions"
Co-author: James L. Skinner

Whitey Hess with poster judge, Prof. Amber Krummel.

Arjun Jaini with poster judge, Prof. Ryan Steele.

Zachary Kann with poster judge, Prof. Amber Krummel.

We encourage students to participate in the PHYS poster competition at the upcoming national meeting in San Diego, 13-17 March 2016.