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Organizers: Ralf Kaiser, Robert J. McMahon

Location: Virtual Zoom Rooms Only (VZR)

Symposia Schedule



Ralf Kaiser, Presiding

10:30. Silicon chemistry & the molecular universe.
A. Tielens

11:15. SiS detection and formation/destruction routes in shocked low-mass star-forming regions.
N. Balucani

12:00. On the synthesis of the astronomically elusive 1-Ethynyl-3-silacyclopropenylidene (c-SiC4H2) molecule in circumstellar envelopes of carbon-rich asymptotic giant branch stars and its potential role in the formation of the silicontetracarbide chain (SiC4).  Z. Yang, S. Doddipatla, R. Kaiser, A.A. Nikolayev,
V.N. Azyazov, A.M. Mebel



Ian R. Sims, Presiding

2:00. Hunting elusive prey: The search for new Si-bearing compounds in the laboratory and in space.
M.C. McCarthy

2:45. High resolution spectroscopic studies of neutral and charged carbon-rich chains.  S. Thorwirth

3:30. Reaction dynamics of silanethione (H2SiS) and the thiosilaformyl radical (HSiS) via crossed molecular beams.
S. Goettl, S. Doddipatla, Z. Yang, C. He, M.X. Silva, B.R. Galvão, T. Millar, R. Kaiser



Sven Thorwirth, Presiding

4:30. Experimental determination of reaction rate constants and product branching ratios at low temperatures for astrochemistry.  I.R. Sims

5:15. Chemistry of pure and binary silane ices induced by electron irradiation.  G. Tarczay

6:00. Non-adiabatic reaction dynamics in the gas phase formation of phosphinidenesilylene (HPSi): The isovalent counterpart of hydrogen isocyanide (HNC) under single collision conditions.  C. He, Z. Yang, S. Doddipatla,
L. Zhao, S. Goettl, R. Kaiser, M.X. Silva, B.R. Galvão



Robert J. McMahon, Presiding

7:00. Isolable, crystalline square-planar silicon(IV).  L. Greb

7:40. Thinking outside the carbon box: Stable unsaturated silicon species.  D. Scheschkewitz

8:20. Cyclosilane polymers.  R.S. Klausen



Nadia Balucani, Presiding

7:00. Theoretical studies of interstellar and circumstellar reactions of the silylidyne radical.
A.M. Mebel, A.A. Nikolayev, V. Krasnoukhov, R. Kaiser

7:40. Infrared signatures for small silicon oxide clusters.  R.C. Fortenberry

8:20. Formation and survival of silicon carbide in supernova ejecta.  E. Deneault