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Next ACS-PHYS webinar (sponsored by PhaseTech) on Apr. 23th!

Congratulations to the PHYS Award Winners!

Follow their presentations at the PHYS award symposium!

2021 PHYS Division Awards Announced

We are delighted to announce the winners for the 2021 PHYS Division Awards. The awardees will be honored at the 2021 Fall ACS meeting.

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Seek nomination for 2021 PHYS Young Investigator Award

We seek nominations for the 2021 PHYS Division Young Investigator Awards. The four awardees will be invited to present in the fall ACS in Atlanta, GA.

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2020 National ACS Awards Announced

ACS has announced the winners of 2020 National Awards. See the nine P-Chem awardees present at the award symposium in the fall ACS meeting in San Francisco.

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2021 PHYS Undergraduate Award Nomination

The Physical Chemistry Division of ACS is pleased to accept nominations for the 2021 Undergraduate Award in Physical Chemistry, which recognizes outstanding achievement by undergraduate students in physical chemistry, and to encourage further pursuits in the field.


2021 JPC/PHYS Lectureships

The PHYS Division congratulates the winners of the 2021 JPC/PHYS Lectureships! Profs. Christopher J. Johnson, Diwakar Shukla and Emilie Ringe will deliver their lectures at the Fall ACS National Meeting in Atlanta, GA.