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2018 PHYS Division Young Investigator Awards

The Physical Chemistry Division of the ACS is pleased to announce the winners of its 2018 Young Investigator Awards. The four winners, all of whom are currently postdoctoral associates, have been invited to speak about their research at the Fall 2018 national ACS meeting in Boston, MA in August.

Dr. Brett A. McGuire
Ph.D: Cal Tech.
Thesis: "Time-domain TeraHertz spectroscopy and observational probes of prebiotic interstellar gas and ice chemistry"
Ph.D Adviser: Prof. Geoffrey A. Blake
Current Position: Hubble Postdoc Fellow, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
Current Work: "'Microwave spectroscopy and radioastronomical observation of interstellar aromatic molecules and their chemical evolution"

Dr. Shaowei Li
Ph.D: UC Irvine
Thesis: "Probing Single Molecule Chemistry with a Femtosecond Scanning Tunneling Microscope"
Ph.D Adviser: Prof. Wilson Ho
Current Position: Postdoc, Hersam group at Northwestern

Current Work: "Time-resolved Single Molecule Photochemistry with a Femtosecond Scanning Tunneling Microscope"

Dr. Bing Gu
Ph. D: University of South Carolina
Thesis: "Estimation of the quantum effects of nuclei in
large molecular systems"
Ph.D Adviser: Prof. Sophya Garashchuk
Current Position: Postdoc, Franco group at Univ. of Rochester
Current Work: "Quantum dynamics, decoherence and non-equilibrium properties of molecules and nanoscale materials"

Dr. Raphael Florentino Ribeiro
Ph.D: UC Irvine
Thesis: "Semiclassical Theory of
Ph.D Adviser: Prof. Kieron Burke
Current Position: Postdoc, Yuen-Zhou group at UCSD
Current Work: "Nonlinear theory of coherent coupling of molecular vibrations with optical microcavities"