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CMTS Student Fellowships to Attend the Indianapolis ACS Meeting

The Center for Multiscale Theory and Simulation, an NSF-funded Phase I Center for Chemical Innovation, is pleased to announce that five $1000 travel fellowships are available for under-represented minority undergraduate or graduate students to attend the "Symposium on Coarse-graining and Multiscale Modeling in Complex Chemical Systems". This Symposium will be held in Indianapolis from September 8-11, as part of the National ACS meeting.

The Symposium aims to investigate the properties of complex fluids, important in many applications in biology and engineering, their development over a large range of length- and time- scales. This symposium focuses on both fundamental theoretical approaches that bridge different length- and time-scales in complex systems, as well as on novel computational approaches developed to speed up simulations through coarse-graining and multiscale modelling. Fundamental theories for the structure and dynamics of complex systems have a long and illustrious history. Recent years have witnessed the development of numerous coarse-graining approaches to simulate both synthetic and biological systems. Theory is guiding the choice of the variables to coarse-grain and the methodology of coarse-graining. The goal of this symposium is to showcase the state-of-the-art progress in this rapidly evolving field, and to encourage discussion among the scientists working on theoretical approaches that bridge the length- and time-scales important for describing the structure and dynamics of complex macromolecular systems, as well as coarse-graining methods and their applications. To apply for the student fellowship, please complete the application form, available here. Undergraduates must also send copies of their transcripts to Candice Lewis, The application deadline is June 15, 2013.