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Spring 2014 PHYS Poster Awards

At each ACS national meeting, the Physical Chemistry Division recognizes the top student poster presentations. We offer our congratulations to the winners at the Spring 2014 meeting in Dallas, who were recently announced by the program chair, Nancy Levinger:

Shi Yin
Colorado State University
"Experimental and theoretical studies of H2O oxidation by neutral Ti2O4,5 clusters under visible light irradiation in gas phase"
with co-author Elliot R. Bernstein

Trish Lauck
University of Virginia
"CO diffusion in water ice"
with co-authors Katherine Shulenberger, Mahesh Rajappan, and Karin Oberg

Bryce Kuhn, Stephanie Rohrbach, and Kristin Weigel
Penn State University
"DSC and photophysical study of cold crystallization of poly(propylene glycol)/water mixtures"
with co-author Bratoljub H. Milosavljevic

Lenzi Williams
Florida State University
"Plasmonic nanoparticle networks formed using iron porphyrin bridges"
with co-authors Anne-Marie Dowgiallo and Kenneth L. Knappenberger

Leah G. Dodson
California Institute of Technology
"Spectroscopy and kinetics of the peroxy radicals formed by chlorine-initiated oxidation of isoprene"
with co-authors Matthew D. Smarte, Kana Takematsu, Nathan C. Eddingsaas, and Mitchio Okumura

Katie A. Clark
University of Texas, Austin
"Direct measure of energy migration in supramolecular carbocyanine dye aggregates"
with co-authors Emma L. Krueger and David A. Vanden Bout

Quynh Nguyen
Temple University
"Fluorescent properties of DNA/RNA base analog pyrrolocytosine"
with co-author Spiridoula Matsika

Winners Kristin Weigel, Stephanie Rohrbach, Bryce Kuhn, Katie A. Clark, Lenzi Williams, Shi Yin, Trish Lauck, Leah Dodson, Quynh Nguyen