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Spring 2013 PHYS Poster Awards

At each ACS national meeting, the Physical Chemistry Division recognizes the top student poster presentations. We offer our congratulations to the winners at the Spring 2013 meeting in New Orleans, who were recently announced by the program chair, Joel Bowman:

David P. Hoffman
University of California, Berkeley
"Interfacial electron transfer dynamics of triphenylamine dyes bound to TiO2 nanoparticles from femtosecond stimulated Raman"
with co-authors O.P. Lee, J.E. Millstone, M.S. Chen, T.A. Su, M. Creelman, J.M.J. Fr├ęchet, R.A. Mathies

Vanessa J. Murray
Montana State University
"Inelastic scattering dynamics of CO2 on liquid surfaces"
with co-authors L. Shen, W.A. Alexander, T.K. Minton

Christina M. Ragain
University of Texas, Austin
"Role of electrostatics in differential binding of RalGDS to Ras mutations D30E and E31K investigated by vibrational spectroscopy of thiocyanate probes"
with co-authors N. Gonzalez, L.J. Webb

Natalia I. Rubtsova
Tulane University
"Ballistic energy transport via perfluoroalkane linkers"
with co-author I.V. Rubtsov

Aaron M. Tagliaboschi
Bowling Green University
"Development of a Mathematica-based interface to the potential energy surface library (POTLIB) of chemical reactions"
with co-author J.B. Maddox

Michael A. Tycon
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
"Modified FRAP methodology with millisecond time resolution for the investigation of heterogeneous RNA polymerase II diffusion dynamics"
with co-author C.J. Fecko

Winner David Hoffman with poster judge, Prof. Arthur Suits.

Prof. Suits with winner, Vanessa Murray.

Poster winner, Natalia I. Rubtsova, with judge, Dr. Amit Sharma.

Poster judge, Prof. Francesco Paesani, with winner, Christina Ragain.

PHYS Program chair, Prof. Joel Bowman, with poster winner, Aaron Tagliaboschi.

Poster winner, Michael Tycon, with poster judge, Prof. Philip Bevilacqua.

We encourage students to participate in the PHYS poster competition at the upcoming national meeting in Indianapolis, 8-12 September 2013.