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Fall 2013 PHYS Poster Awards

At each ACS national meeting, the Physical Chemistry Division recognizes the top student poster presentations. We offer our congratulations to the winners at the Fall 2013 meeting in Indianapolis, who were recently announced by the program chair, Joel Bowman:

Luigi De Marco
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
"Ultrafast broadband infrared spectroscopy of neat and isotopically dilute water"
with co-authors Krupa Ramasesha, Aritra Mandal, Martin Thämer, and Andrei Tokmakoff

Hoang Doan
University of California, Berkeley
"Dynamics of photo-excited charge carriers in Co3O4: the role of efficient electron traps"
with co-authors Matthias Waegele and Tanja Cuk

Justin E. Moore
Penn State University
"Simulating surface-enhanced Raman scattering with a discrete interaction model/quantum mechanical method"
with co-authors Seth M Morton and Lasse Jensen

Yao Li
University of Michigan
"Quantitative description of Kondo effect using Dynamical Mean Field Theory"
with co-author Dominika Zgid

Matthew G. Romei
Haverford College
"Characterization of carbon-deuterium and terminal alkyne vibrational probes in model compounds and proteins using Raman spectroscopy and ultrafast IR experiments"
with co-author Casey Londergan

Mary E. Hillegass
University of Chicago
"Use of tunable vacuum ultraviolet (VUV) radiation in a velocity map imaging apparatus"
with co-author Laurie Butler

Winner Luigi De Marco with poster judge Prof. Dominika Zgid.

Prof. Zgid with poster-award winner Hoang Doan.

Poster winner Justin E. Moore with judge Prof. Toru Shiozaki.

Poster winner Yao Li with judge Prof. Francesco Evangelista.

Prof. Evangelista with poster winner Matthew Romei.

Winner Mary Hillegass with poster judge Prof. Marina Guenza.

We encourage students to participate in the PHYS poster competition at the upcoming national meeting in Dallas, 16-20 March 2014.