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Fall 2012 PHYS Poster Awards

At each ACS national meeting, the Physical Chemistry Division recognizes the top student poster presentations. We offer our congratulations to the winners at the Fall 2012 meeting in Philadelphia, who were recently announced by the program chair, Martin Gruebele:

Kristin M. Nuzzio
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
"Elucidating the structure and functional dynamics of membrane-bound tissue factor by solid-state NMR"
with co-authors John M. Boettcher, Rebecca L. Davis-Harrison, James H. Morrissey, and Chad M. Rienstra

Stephen N. Holmes
University of Richmond
"Molecular dynamics studies of ionotropic glutamate receptors"
with co-authors Carol Parish, Alexander Hahn, and Lisa Gentile

Daniel J. Hatfield
University of Iowa
"Efficient QM/MM simulations of a diffusion-controlled chemical reaction"
with co-authors Matthew C. Zwier, Casey T. Andrews, Adrian H. Elcock, and Lillian T. Chong

Ayanjeet Ghosh
University of Pennsylvania
"Spectral densities of amide modes probe effects of drug binding on water in the M2 channel"
with co-authors Yurii S Moroz, Jun Wang, Ivan V Korendovych, William F DeGrado, and Robin M Hochstrasser

Laura A.G. Gray
Emory University
"Stress during vitrification of polymer glasses and how it dictates the subsequent physical aging rate of the material"
with co-authors Suk W. Yoon and Connie B. Roth

Lenore Kubie
University of Rochester
"Protein-carbon nanotube heterostructures for solar energy applications"
with co-authors Todd D Krauss and Kara L. Bren

Prof. Martin Gruebele (left) with poster-award winner, Kristin Nuzzio (center), and poster judge/postdoc-award winner, Dr. Nicolas Fawzi.

Prof. Gruebele and poster-award winner, Stephen Holmes.

Prof. Gruebele with poster-award winner, Daniel Hatfield (center), and poster judge/postdoc-award winner, Dr. Joshua Vura-Weis.

Prof. Gruebele and winner, Ayanjeet Ghosh (center), and poster judge/postdoc-award winner, Dr. Jian Liu.

Poster-award winner, Laura A. G. Gray (center), with poster judge/postdoc-award winner Dr. Revati Kumar, and Prof. Gruebele.

Prof. Gruebele and poster-award winner, Lenore Kubie.

We encourage students to participate in the PHYS poster competition at the upcoming national meeting in New Orleans, 7-11 April 2013.