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2017 PHYS Division Young Investigator Awards

The Physical Chemistry Division of the ACS is pleased to announce the winners of its 2017 Young Investigator Awards. The four winners, all of whom are currently postdoctoral associates, have been invited to speak about their research at the Fall 2017 national ACS meeting in Washington, D.C., in August.

Dr. Hyungjun Kim
University of Michigan
"Multi-Electron Transfer via Photo-excited Quinoidal Bithiophene to Anthraquinone"
Advisers: Profs. Theodore Goodson III and Paul M. Zimmerman.

Dr. Lu Wei
Columbia University
"Coherent Vibrational Imaging for Living Cells"
Adviser: Prof. Wei Min

Dr. Galen Craven
University of Pennsylvania
"Electron transfer in thermally heterogeneous environments: a new paradigm for heat transport between molecules and at molecule-metal interfaces"
Adviser: Prof. Abraham Nitzan

Dr. Matěj Velický
University of Manchester and Queen's University Belfast
"Towards tunable electrochemistry of two-dimensional materials"
Adviser: Prof. Robert Dryfe