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2015 PHYS Division Postdoctoral Research Awards

The Physical Chemistry Division of the ACS is pleased to announce the winners of the 2015 postdoctoral awards. The four winners have been invited to speak about their research at the Fall 2015 national ACS meeting in Boston in August.

Dr. Arnaldo Serrano
University of Wisconsin
"Wide-field FTIR microscopy with mid-IR pulse-shaping"
Adviser: Prof. Martin T. Zanni

Dr. Al'ona Furmanchuk
Northwestern University
"Accurate characterization of nanoscale interfaces. Nature of interactions between inherent carbonaceous clusters and underlying arc-discharge carbon nanotubes"
Adviser: Prof. George C. Schatz

Dr. Idan Hod
Northwestern University
"New approaches for the acceleration of catalytic processes for solar fuel generation"
Adviser: Prof. Joseph T. Hupp

Dr. Brett Savoie
"Loosening the grip of polymer electrolytes: How the asymmetry of ion diffusion in conventional polyethers reveals a new design paradigm"
Adviser: Prof. Thomas F. Miller III