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2012 PHYS Division Postdoctoral Research Awards

The Physical Chemistry Division of the ACS is pleased to announce the winners of the 2012 postdoctoral awards. The four winners have been invited to speak about their research at the Fall 2012 national ACS meeting in Philadelphia in August.

Dr. Revati Kumar
University of Chicago
"Systematic development of simple but accurate force-fields for energy storage material electrolytes"
Adviser: Prof. Gregory Voth

Dr. Jian Liu
Stanford University
"Energy transfer/transport in molecular liquids"
Adviser: Prof. Todd Martinez

Dr. Joshua Vura-Weis
University of California, Berkeley
"Ultrafast x-ray transient absorption reveals exciton and charge dynamics in semiconductor nanocrystals"
Adviser: Prof. Stephen Leone

Dr. Nicolas Fawzi
National Institutes of Health
"Dynamics on the surface of amyloid-beta protofibrils in solution: Dark-state exchange saturation transfer NMR"
Adviser: Dr. G. Marius Clore