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Seeking Recommendations for PHYS ACS Fellowship Nominations

The Physical Chemistry Division is soliciting recommendations for its eight nominations for Fellowship in the American Chemical Society for 2017. If you would like to suggest a candidate for one of the nominations, please send the candidate's current CV and brief descriptions of his/her contributions to both the science/profession and to the ACS community to the PHYS secretary/treasurer. The 2017 nomination window is open between February 1st and April 6th, and the Division officers will consider recommendations up until February 17th to allow selected candidates sufficient time to prepare dossiers. Note that ACS Fellowship requires a significant record of service to the Society, either at the local, divisional, or national level. Representatives from the Division leadership will then make the final selections and work with the candidates to submit complete dossiers to the ACS Fellowship Review Committee.

Additional details regarding Fellow eligibility and selection criteria are given on the ACS Fellows website.