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2017 ACS Fellows from the Physical Chemistry Division*

Aurora Clark, Washington State University

Contribution to the science/profession: Recognized for contributions to computational nuclear chemistry and for her pioneering use of network analysis to understand the behavior of liquids across multiple length and time scales.

Contribution to the ACS community: ecognized for activities in supporting the Local Section, for her continuing contributions to the Division of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology, and for many contributions to the broader ACS community.

Ralf I. Kaiser, University of Hawaii at Manoa

Contribution to the science/profession: Pioneered the use of molecular beams and surface science experiments to investigate chemical reactions in the gas and condensed phase forming complex molecules observed by astronomers throughout the universe.

Contribution to the ACS community: Recognized as the founder and driving force for the Astrochemistry Subdivision that established this emerging field in the ACS portfolio and assisted the initiation of the Astrochemistry Dissertation Award.

Edwin Sibert, University of Wisconsin

Contribution to the science/profession: Honored for trailblazing work in theoretical spectroscopy and in undergraduate education.

Contribution to the ACS community: Recognized for leadership of the Wisconsin Local Section and the Division of Physical Chemistry and improving their responsiveness to membership.

Lorena Tribe, Pennsylvania State University-Berks

Contribution to the science/profession: Recognized for atomistic computations of environmental interfaces to provide ab initio models for the structure and dynamics of complex systems, such as the environmental fate of glyphosate and contamination of aquifers by arsenic.

Contribution to the ACS community: Led the first onsite ACS strategic planning event as Lehigh Valley Local Section Chair, recognized 24 Local Section members as Awards Chair, and produced four editions of The Surface and Colloid Chemist (Division of Colloid and Surface Chemistry newsletter).

The nomination window for 2018 ACS Fellows will be open next spring. Additional information may be found here.

*Summaries of 2017 Fellows' contributions courtesy of the ACS.