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2017 Physical Chemistry Division Awards

The Physical Chemistry Division annually sponsors senior and early-career awards in theoretical and experimental physical chemistry that are intended to recognize the most outstanding scientific achievements of members of the Division. The 2017 recipients will be honored at the the Fall ACS National Meeting in Washington, D.C.

2017 Award in Theoretical Chemistry
Prof. David Reichman
Columbia University
"for the pioneering development of microscopic predictive and unified theories of the classical behavior of disordered materials and quantum behavior of ordered materials"

2017 Award in Experimental Physical Chemistry
Prof. Kit Bowen
Johns Hopkins University
"for seminal studies of molecular and cluster anions by negative ion photoelectron (photodetachment) spectroscopy"

2017 Early-Career Award in Theoretical Chemistry
Prof. Lasse Jensen
Pennsylvania State University
"for the development of hybrid atomistic electrodynamic quantum mechanical models for understanding surface-enhanced Raman scattering"

2017 Early-Career Award in Experimental Physical Chemistry
Prof. Wei Min
Columbia University
"for seminal contributions to visualize small molecules by coherent Raman microscopy, which has wide application in biomedical imaging"

The window for nominations for the 2018 Division awards will open following the Fall National meeting in August 2017 and will be remain open until early November. Details regarding eligibility and nominations will be available in the coming months.