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2015 Physical Chemistry Division Awards

The Physical Chemistry Division annually sponsors senior and early-career awards in theoretical and experimental physical chemistry that are intended to recognize the most outstanding scientific achievements of members of the Division. The 2015 recipients will be honored in a special awards symposium on Tuesday afternoon of the Fall ACS National Meeting in Boston.

2015 Award in Theoretical Chemistry
Prof. Horia Metiu
The University of California, Santa Barbara
"for outstanding contributions to the development of the theory of surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy and plasmonics and the time-dependent quantum theory of molecular dissociation"

2015 Award in Experimental Physical Chemistry
Prof. Mitchio Okumura
California Institute of Technology
"for scientific contributions serve as benchmark data to constrain climate models that describe the current state and future evolution of Earth's atmosphere"

2015 Early-Career Award in Theoretical Chemistry
Prof. Thomas F. Miller
California Institute of Technology
"for his development of dynamics, electronic structure, and statistical mechanical methods to elucidate the reactivity of biological and inorganic catalysts"

2015 Early-Career Award in Experimental Physical Chemistry
Prof. Christopher Jaroniec
Ohio State University
"for the development and application of solid-state nuclear magnetic resonance methods in the study of structure and mechanism in complex biological assemblies"

The window for nominations for the 2016 Division awards will open following the Fall National meeting in August 2015 and will be remain open until early November. Details regarding eligibility and nominations will be available in the coming months.