Affiliate Awards

National ACS Awards that often recognize the work of physical chemists:

Ahmed Zewail Award in Ultrafast Science and Technology

Sponsored by The Ahmed Zewail Endowment Fund established by the Newport Corporation. Nominations handled by the ACS.  Deadline is typically November 1st.

Peter Debye Award in Physical Chemistry

Currently defunct. There is an effort underway to raise $400,000 to permanently endow the Debye Award as a National ACS Award like it has been in the past. The effort is being spearheaded by Steve Leone (, Mary Gilles (, and Martin Zanni (  At this moment, roughly $320,000 has been pledged from the individuals listed below, spearheaded by a $100,000 donation from Steve and Mary. The Debye Award is often the highest honor that a physical chemist will receive in their careers. It is also an important award for the stature of our field in the larger chemistry community. If you want to contribute, please reach out to Steve, Mary, Marty, or donate directly at

Founding Donors to the Debye Endowment !!
Stephen Leone and Mary Gilles, Sunney Xie, Graham Fleming, Stuart Rice, John Tully, PhaseTech Spectroscopy, Inc., W.E. Moerner, Dan Neumark, Mike Fayer, Dick Zare, Marsha Lester, Jack Beauchamp, Carl Lineberger, Rich Saykally, George and Margaret Schatz, Louis Brus, Gerd Rosenblatt, Martin Gruebele and Nancy Makri, William Gelbart, Shaul Mukamel, John C. Hemminger, Mike Wasielewski, Bill Goddard, Eric Heller, Norbert Scherer, Jim Skinner, Greg Scholes, Peter Felker, Roberto Car, Franz Geiger, Bruce Berne, Josef Michl, Todd Martinez

– If I have misspelled your name, missed you entirely, or if you would like to be listed differently, please email Martin Zanni

Joel Henry Hildebrand Award in the Theoretical & Experimental Chemistry of Liquids

Currently defunct. There is no current sponsor nor endowment. If you would like to donate or organize a fundraising campaign for this award, please contact Amber Krummel

Kavli Foundation Emerging Leader in Chemistry Award

The PHYS Division can nominate two people per year for the Kavli Prize.  Contact Amber Krummel if you would like someone to be considered. Self nominations will not be considered. The National ACS deadline is typically in August, so contact Amber Krummel well in advance.


Self-nominations will not be accepted.
Note that nominations from previous years do not carry over.